What is Logizomai? In Greek it means to account for, to reckon, consider or to think about. This site was created to post my thoughts about modern issues relevant to the Catholic Church. I’m a former atheist who discovered the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic faith some years ago. The longer I walk on my path of following Christ the more I understand that it has the solutions to so many modern problems. In it I’ve found an incredibly rich intellectual tradition with a spirituality that is fulfilling and guides me, and drives me to improve myself.

There is no shortage of prejudice against Catholicism. For many Christianity is too familiar, and familiarity breeds contempt. Many choose to embrace more exotic religions such as Buddhism or Daoism or even Islam. Here is where I do my part to show people the beauty of the Catholic faith, the goodness of a Catholic life well lived and the truth of Jesus Christ.